Mr Apostu,                                                       Amsterdam 25-05-2011

Today we have been  informed about the attacks against the basic rights of the Hungarian autonomous minority of Cluj-Napoca, by the removal of all public signs in the city, which contained Hungarian language inscriptions. It is a basic right for European autonomous minorities to receive public information in their mother tongue.

We were also informed about the fact that simultaneously a very discriminating sign has been placed at the statue of king Mátyás, which is a symbol of the Hungarian community. This community has diminished from over 50 % to 20 % in Cluj-Napoca as a result of the post war ethnic cleansing.

We ask you to dissociate yourself from these discriminatory acts and to promote  the usage of the rights of the Hungarian speaking population of Cluj-Napoca in accordance with the treaties that have been ratified by the republic of Romania.

During the enlargement of the European Union we had a hope that the nationalism and the chauvinism of your predecessor, Mr.  Funar would belong to the past forever. On the website of Cluj-Napoca you even declare that your city is a multicultural and open city. ( )

It is our personal belief, that these nationalistic attacks are not only damaging the Hungarian minority but also are also harmful for your city and all of its inhabitants.

We would like to invite you to visit the Netherlands at our expenses, so that you can inform yourself about the way the language rights of the Frisian minority in the Netherlands are respected. 

Yours Sincerely,


Drs.  Gábor  Landman                                                                       Dr. László Marácz





* Art 13: In Romania the  official Language is Romanian, ** The second sign  welcomes the visitor each day in a different language but not in Hungarian. Both signs could be found at the entrance of Cluj-Napoca till 2009 !